Bringing nature to Melbourne's schools for more than 30 years! 

Andrew Wegener shares his knowledge, enthusiasm and respect for the many varied and unique animals and ecosystems that we have in Australia. He uses a variety of teaching strategies where the children are encouraged to observe, discuss and handle the animals so that they explore concepts about the needs and characteristics of different living things.
Andrew brings live animals (where appropriate), preserved animals and an informative display around the Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He provides hands-on time and appropriately levelled activity sheets relating to the presented topic for follow-up work after the session.
INCURSIONS - Andrew comes to you - NO BUS FARES. All he needs is a room large enough to comfortably seat the students and 6 - 8 tables on which to put his animals and display. 

BEACH EXCURSIONS - Andrew can also meet you at Rickett's Point, Beaumaris, where he will involve the children in a range of stimulating learning activities.
Andrew Wegner Wagner Wagener Snake show