Public Displays

TYPES OF DISPLAYS that are suitable for community festivals, libraries, shopping centres and corporate promotions.
  1. General Australian Wildlife display with live & preserved reptiles, spiders, minibeasts, birds & mammals.

  2. General Australian wildlife display PLUS Killer Whale skeleton and other whale specimens.
    The False Killer Whale skeleton with other whale bones and sealife, creates a lot of interest!
  3. A Themed display of specific animals adapted to suit a theme of your choice.
Wildlife attendant(s) will be present during the hours of display to supervise the handling of specimens and interacting with the public answering questions and helping identify any wildlife specimens that they may bring in.

Posters and charts are also on display to help inform and identify animals and their characteristics and requirements.

Prices depend on the number of hours/days involved, attendants required and the type and location of the display.

If you have any queries or special requirements for your display please contact Australian Wildlife Lectures.