Holiday Programs

Andrew comes to your school holiday program venue where he conducts entertaining as well as informative Australian Wildlife programs suitable for multi-age groups.

Each program includes:
- LIVE ANIMALS - REPTILES: lizards, freshwater turtles and a NON-POISONOUS snake; frogs and a variety of MINIBEASTS.

- PRESERVED ANIMALS - a variety of taxidermy animals for example: possum, koala, echidna & wombat as well as bones and specimens preserved in jars.
Andrew does not bring live native mammals due to the stress it would place on them during transportation and when being handled as well as the risk of injuries (scratches and bites) to the children.

- INTERACTIVE PARTICIPATION - while Andrew presents interesting facts about the animals and how they survive.

- ‘HANDS ON’ TIME - the children are encouraged to closely look at and handle the animals.


Cost depends on the location and the  number of sessions required.
Contact us for more details.